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Our eLearning services are provided through our partner eduArabia. eduArabia is an education development company with long and deep experience in eLearning, especially in the Higher Education sector.

eLearning Capacity

    eLearning Capacity Development is an inclusive service that covers all the aspects ofdeveloping and operating a successful eLearning center or deanship.The way we approach eLearning Capacity Development is based on ourChange/Capacity Development model, which comprehensively covers all thestructural dimensions and vital aspects of a successful eLearning Program ineducational institutions

  • eLearning Management:

  • This dimension deals with all the managerial requirements for successfully designing and running an eLearning Program. It covers actions from analysis and planning to program evaluation and benchmarking, with policies and regulations development, structuring and processes, and implementation management.

  • eLearning Environment:

  • Developing a healthy environment is crucial for the success and sustainability of an effective and productive eLearning Program. This dimension deals with actions that guarantee smooth operations, stimulate production and innovation, and support the sustainability of work. Work in this dimension includes effective communication, community, engagement, documentation, and people support.

  • People Development:

  • People are the actual users of the systems who can make the real success, and people development is the real investment for institutions implementing eLearning. eduArabia’s approach in preparing people (faculty, students, and staff) is way from traditional training that relies on abstract information transfer. and the nature of people in higher education settings before engaging with eLearning adds to the challenge and actually to the uniqueness of the approach. The approach addresses the real factors behind successful transformation of people; new roles, paradigm change, immersion in real experiences, and putting technology in its appropriate position are some of the characteristics of our people transformation program along with equipping them with the skills necessary for continuous self-improvement.


eLearning Consultation

    We provide experience-based and research-supported consultation servicescovering all the institutional needs related to eLearning, including:

  • Analysis and needs assessment
  • Planning (Strategic, Action, and Change management)
  • Structuring
  • Virtual Learning Environment planning and design
  • Policies, regulations, and standards development
  • Processes and Standard Procedures engineering
  • Implementation and management coaching

People Development

    Training and Professional Development for the major stakeholders in the eLearning Programand the educational process:

  • Faculty members
  • Learners
  • eLearning Staff
  • Management

  • We build comprehensive, immersive, and flexible programs specifically for the client’sneedsand transfer the knowledge to the client’s team throughout the whole process frominception todelivery and evaluation.

Online Programs

    Whether you need to start a new program, assess the institutional needs andcapabilities foronline programs, or have an existing program(s) that you want to evaluate andimprove, we canbe part of your next activity. For any size and modality, our Online ProgramsDevelopmentservice includes:

  • Program Design
  • Program Management
  • Courses Design
  • Deployment and change management

eLearning Production Services

(eLearning Courses Development)

    eduArabia has extensive knowledge and experience in developing high quality highvalueeLearning products conforming to international design standards and best practices.We provide eLearning Production services for complete courses or individualinstructionalelements, and in projects of any size from a few courses to program or institutionallevelprojects that involve tens or hundreds of courses.

    This service is typically designed to deliver both capacity and final products;meaning that wequalify the client’s team, develop the complete process, and work closely with theclient toachieve the desired goals. Alternatively, eduArabia’s learning design anddevelopment teamscan deliver final products if that is the client’s preference.

Educational Solutions
Design and Innovation

    The real challenge is to identify and define a specific need or problem, after that weenjoyworking on designing the right solution and innovating authentic and efficient systems!Whetherit is related to deep learning situations, management and change challenges, process andpolicy, or technology, we provide innovative solutions that differentiate yourinstitution and bringvalue to all stakeholders, harnessing the available resources and capabilities.
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