We are working to create an efficient working environment to reach our services in the largest number of sectors in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia at the highest quality and competitive prices

Our vision stems from Saudi Arabia’s 2030 vision of providing digital solutions and competitive services in IT, information security, cybersecurity and business intelligence

Information security and cybersecurity solutions

• Enterprise Network Security Solutions – Next Generation Firewall.
• Advanced Email Filtering, Control and Visibility – Email Security Gateways.
• Vulnerability management and scanning for internal and external network – Cyber Exposure.
• Web application firewall solutions – WAF.
• Database activity monitoring and protection solutions – DAM.
• Security Awareness Computer-Based Training.
• Discover, manage, and delegate access to all privileged accounts – PAM.
• Deception technology to outmaneuver and reveal in-network threats.
• Securing DNS, DHCP & IPAM – DDI.
• Endpoint Protection Platform solutions – EPP.
• Endpoint Detection and Response solutions– EDR.
• Network Access Control solutions – NAC.
• Cloud Access Security Brokers solutions – CASB.
• Cloud sandboxing or on-premises sandboxing.
• Security information and event management solution – SIEM.
Information security risk management.
External / Internal VA / PT.
Source Code Review.
Awareness & End user education.
Managed Security Services.
ISO 27001.

Infrastructure and networking solutions

• Virtual Desktop solutions.
• LAN Infrastructure for Switching, Copper and Fiber solutions.
• Wireless & Mobility Solutions.
• Storage and servers’ solutions.
• Data-center preparation.

Professional services and consultancy for a large and enterprise infrastructures and Information security solutions.

Integrated systems solutions and audio and video systems

Universal Access Solutions

Preparing buildings and public facilities and facilities to make them suitable and easy to deal with people with special needs motor, visual and audio

Integrated Systems

Smart theater solutions
Smart room solutions
Classroom and Smartroom Solutions
Smart library solutions

Security Engineering Solutions

• Indoor and outdoor surveillance cameras of all kinds with their own registration system
• Processing of control and control rooms
• Door entry systems and attendance
and departure programs
• Program to control the entry and exit of visitors
• Central call system
• Central clock system
• Inventory systems for people and visitors
• Vehicle Tracking Systems
• Power supply systems

Audio and video systems

• Processing and development of meeting rooms, theaters and training rooms
• Supply of internal and external advertising screens and programs
• Supplying all kinds of internal and external screens of the display system in all its dimensions
• Provide interactive touch screens of all sizes
• Processing of the central television system
• Supply of wireless display systems
• Direct transport systems, conference registration units and central library
Processing of self service systems and programs
• Processing of waiting systems for visitors
• Provide integrated study of image, sound and control systems
• Provide an integrated study for the processing of chairs and decoration and insulation works for walls, floors and gypsum roof works
• Submit drawings and sketches for the 3D & AutoCAD project


Our contribution in the field of e-learning and distance learning comes through the integrative cooperation with Taj Arab Company, an educational development company based in Amman, Jordan.

Our services cover a wide range of activities for the development of education with a focus on the most appropriate use of technology and research-supported teaching and teaching practices. We aspire to create a real impact on educational institutions, individuals and to improve teaching quality.

With the vision of being a world class authoritative educational development company with a strong and clear impact on teaching and learning. Our strategic focus is on the business system rather than just the goals, thus creating educated institutions that provide and exploit opportunities to better serve education on All levels. Hens, effecting the provision of quality education that drives change and progress.
Our Services and products represent the practical pillars of the company through which we provide the service for higher education, and companies.

The most important services we provide to higher education institutions focus on e-learning and include:

Consulting in the field of e-learning

Developing the institutional capacity of e-learning

Designing and innovating educational solutions

Productive services for e-learning

Human development