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    Accounting consists of bookkeeping and analysis. Once the bookkeeper records and organizes all of the transactions, the next step of accounting is to analyze these transactions into helpful reports which will show the state of one’s finances.

  • Features

  • 1. Charts Of Accounts 2. Journal Entry 3. Transactions 4. Account Reconciliation 5. Transfer Accounts 6. Banking Reconcilation 7. Budget Management 8. Register 9. Profit and Loss 10. Balance Sheet 11. General Ledger 12. Trial Balance



    ERP provides everything you need to get your subscription store up and running. ERP itself includes all the store basics, and a vast library of add-ons lets you create a completely customized for your store.

  • Sell subscription

  • Subscription boxes are a great way to keep things interesting and delight your customers. Typically, you would curate themed products that you make or purchase on a monthly (or quarterly) basis.



    Expenses are a necessary component of running an online store, just like they are in any other business. While an online company is still in its early stages, employing sheets to record and manage expenses may be simple.Our software can provide precise insights and reporting on expenses in addition to the ability to handle an increasing quantity of them.Store owners may track wasteful expenditure and decrease losses this way. Expense software can readily pay the initial cost and, more importantly, it can be a successful long-term investment.

  • An Essential Solution

  • As you have the opportunity to keep track of your expenses, it would be easier for you to figure out where the money should be spent more and where should be spent less. You can easily prioritize the expense accounts in order to optimize small business expenditures.


Point of Sales (POS)

    Our POS billing module is the best way to collect payments from customers from at the point of sale, anywhere within the store. The device works in sync with the billing app and helps you provide credit and debit card payment options to customers.

  • Seamless Invoicing
  • Estimates/Quotations
  • Manage Expenses


    Invoicing software that understands the importance of cashflow for small businesses. Our application makes financial management hassle-free for entrepreneurs.Let your employees track and bill for their work, selectively grant access to clients and projects, and share financial information securely within your team.

  • Create estimates and quotations
  • Recurring and subscription billing
  • Track time, expenses and mileage

CRM (customer relationship management)

    Our software tracks and manages customer relationships. It records interactions between a business, its prospects, and its existing customers. Our CRM place all relevant customer data like contact information, history, and transaction summaries into a concise live record.

  • Organizes Simply

  • The CRM system organises this information to give you a complete record of individuals and companies, so you can better understand your relationship over time.



    Accurate accounting at all stages, from the customer order to the shipment of finished products.

  • Production planning
  • Inventory and supply
  • Calculation of cost and profitability
  • Control of production stages
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